Turistika Week – Summer 2018


5 Day Course held entirely outdoors in Southern Bohemia, consists primarily of various cycling trips, outdoor games and exercises, rope courses, camping.

SHO offers students the unique opportunity to participate in Turistika Week, a weeklong course held entirely outdoors in Southern Bohemia, in which they will participate in the regular SHO offsite course Turistika and the Outdoors, a popular and original course held by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. In addition to enjoying themselves in this supervised week full of educational and experiential learning and activities, students will be awarded 4 ECTS credits for their completion of the course. Turistika Week will be held during different weeks of the summer, so to be open to different scheduling requirements and needs.

Ovčín Training Center

Ovčín Training Center

The program combining a traditional Czech creative approach to outdoor sports and activities, providing adventure, extraordinary experiences and challenges, visits to fascinating cultural and historical places, sights and monuments. The course takes place in the Faculty Outdoor Centre (close to Stráž nad Nežárkou) located in the beautiful natural environment of Southern Bohemia in the biosphere reservation known as Třeboňsko, a region included in the UNESCO list.


Through outdoor activities (cycling, orienteering, initiative games, rope  courses, environmental education etc.), the participants are given an opportunity to get acquainted with nature, their colleagues and themselves in new and challenging situations. The whole course program is framed with in features and elements of Czech culture, so that SHO students obtain the basic knowledge of Czech culture in an exciting and unforgettable way.


Terms:            Week I. May 21-27,      Week II. June 20–26,      Week III. September 4–10
Application Deadline:
       April 18,                          June 8,                               August 1


Week I.
May 21-27

Date Event
April 18 Application Deadline
May 21 Arrival Day
May 22-26 Outdoor Activities Courses
May 27 Farewell Lunch/Dinner


Week II.

June 20–26

Date Event
June 8 Application Deadline
June 20 Arrival Day
June 21-25 Outdoor Activities Courses
June 26 Farewell Lunch/Dinner


Week III.

September 4–10

Date Event
August 1 Application Deadline
September 4 Arrival Day
September 5-9 Outdoor Activities Courses
September 10 Farewell Lunch/Dinner


The fee for Turistika Week includes tuition and costs of the course, appropriate medical insurance coverage, accommodation in Prague (if needed), use of bicycles and other equipment, all course programming, and meals.

It is necessary that students do bring a few things of their own to make themselves comfortable and to make their Turistika Week the best it can be: appropriate clothing for cycling and staying outdoors in whatever weather (also warm and waterproof clothes), a small rucksack for a day bicycle trip, a cap, gloves, a swim suit, a sleeping bag and sleeping mat/pad, a small headlamp, and good boots and athletic shoes.